Offline Enabled

VueAfya is designed to allow records to be carried to remote areas. It works when there is no Internet, and syncs when there is.

Cost Effective

VueAfya is built on latest technologies that take advantage of efficiencies to reduce overall cost of operation and total cost of ownership.

For Healthcare Facilities

VueAfya is built to provide the most modern hospital information system possible to hospitals, clinics and remote/mobile healthcare facilities.


Partner with us to digitize healthcare records and reduce the overhead of manual record keeping. It's that simple


VueAfya is focused on great user experiences for clinicians, admins, and even patients themselves.

Saving Time

VueAfya features are optimized for the one resource we can't make more of: people's time.

Modern healthcare platform for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

VueAfya is an offline-first electronic health records and hospital information system.

VueAfya can be deployed in a variety of healthcare environments. Thanks to its technical feature that allows use even without connectivity, it is also suitable for clinics located in the most rural areas of the planet.

"Building cost effective modern software is about embracing the realities of lower-resource settings as a driver - rather than a constraint - for innovation."